Crabtree’s Last Word


Hendrick’s Gin, Green Chartreuse and bitter cherry liqueur with a splash of lemon juice. All booze but so moreish. You better believe it, this is the last word for any night.

Hemingway Daiquiri


Won’t cure your diabetes, won’t get you a yacht in Cuba and people will never call you Earnest Hemmingway the Great. But it’s still fun to pretend. A straight up daiquiri of Havana 3 year old Rum with a dash of maraschino and a splash of grapefruit juice.

Water Lilly


Light and elegant cocktail that is like floating on a big pond on a hot summer day. Dry Vermouth and a splash of Havana 3year old Rum with mint and lime.

Agave & Sand


A twist on a Blood and Sand that does total justice to the unsung classic. The smokiness of the Le Penca Mezcal is a perfect compliment to the orange and Cherry Heering & sweet vermouth. A matador’s drink that Rodolph Valentino would have loved.

Popcorn Daiquiri


Havana 3yr Rum mixed with popcorn & lime – what! Try it, you will love it.

Singapore Sling


It’s the drink of choice for Dr Gonzo as he waited in the Pogo Lounge. But this Plymouth Navy Gin & Benedictine taken to it’s Tiki cocktail roots is legit. Long, fruity and packing a punch. Cheers’ big-ears!

Sweet Jess


Made first here by our first bartender. This drink looks and tastes sweet and fruity, but is all booze and pack a massive punch. Plymouth Sloe Gin, Cointreau, Apricot Brandy.

Irish Grapefruit Spritzer


It's hard to let go of the summer spritzers (we know). Jamesons IPA Caskmates with Pampelle grapefruit liqueur topped with Prosecco. The perfect summer drink for that perfect London weather.



Feeling a little the worse for wear? Let this blend of scotches (Laphroaig Scotch and Chivas Regal 12yr), ginger wine and honey remedy your ills.

Sazerac Cocktail


One of the early American cocktails made with Sazerac Rye Whiskey, Peychards Bitter, stirred down with ice, but them strained into an Absinthe rinsed glass finished with a twist.

Ruby Chick


The hot chick standing at the corner of the bar with the ruby red scarf on inspired this one. Hendrick’s Gin with St Germains Elderflower Liqueur and Peychaud’s bitters make for a perfectly sweet and tart cocktail.

Dark & Stormy


Gosling’s Black Seal Bermuda Rum, lime, bitters and ginger beer. Perfectly refreshing for the summer.

Porn-Star Martini (Moulin Rouge Style)


Super premium French Sauvelle Vodka gets the porn-star treatment with passion fruit & vanilla. Sweet sherbet flavors rule this drinks that will have you kicking the can-can all night long, oh and a shot of prosecco on the side of course.

Go Fig-er


New whiskey Lot 40 Rye Whiskey & Esprit Figues (fig liquor) with Tonka Bean and banana liquour…WTF? Nothing about this should work, but this is booze full, strong, yet balanced cocktail.



The first and original Pickleback™ to London is back at its birthplace of OB. If you haven’t tried it, now is your chance to take the shot that is the secret weapon of bartenders across the USA. Homemade pickle brine with a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey.



Plantation Dark Rum & summer berries rule with this fruity yet potent cocktail served on crushed ice with lime. Sexy & fun!