Gin & Tonic

We all know it what it is, but why not upgrade with a premium gin or agave?

Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice


The best of Hendricks with berry and rose notes. Perfect for the warm nights.

Beefeater Gin


Still made in London, the best all rounder gin.

Theodore Gin


This Pict inspired botanicals of old Britannia.

Beefeater 24


Made with 24 botanicals, this is our fav' gin.

Hendricks Gin


Expect the unusual with this uncommon gin.

Leaded (Low Alcohol)

WeekDay Warrior

£5 pint / £3 half

It’s D&D’s collaboration with Two Tribes Brewery.

Kernal, Table Beer


Rupert's favourite.

Budapest Martini


The finest of all dessert wines Tokay, mixed 3 parts to one part gin, shaken and served up with a twist.

Columbian Peña Colada


Agwa, Cocoa liqueur and Malibu Rum. It you like them.

Diesel (Full of Hooch)

Climpson’s Coffee Martini


Our neighbors and one of the original artisan coffee roasters have come up with an Espresso Martini ON TAP!! Made with East London Company Rum & Vodka, with coco nibs and lots of Climpson’s coffee.

Pickleback shot with Jameson


The first and original Pickleback to London is back at it’s birthplace of OB. If you have not had it now is you chance to try the shot that is the secret weapon of bartenders across the USA.

Penicillin Cocktail


Scotch of the Day, Ginger & Honey syrup on the rocks.

Corpse Reviver No2


Sipsmith Gin, Lilllet Blanc, Lemon juice and a spray of Absinthe.



One of the early American cocktails.
Sazerach Rye and Peychards Bitters, served neat with an Absinthe rinse.

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