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Off Broadway opened its doors on December 6th 2008. Based on an old, sadly long-since gone, hangout of mine in Alphabet City, NY – Mickey’s Blue Room. Over a decade years later and unable to buy a decent drink in Hackney, I opened this neighbourhood (that’s with a ‘u’) bar in the old art gallery and cinema we ran in the 2000s.

That’s fourteen years ago now and a lot has changed: more kids, less hair and cocktails on every corner. But OB is still the only long US- style bar on the street and we’ve lived here for over 50 years now, since the cobbbles and outside loos. It’s a family affair and three generations are involved in the fetching and carrying.

All the staff who work here are turned on with a desire to serve you a great drink. Ask them for any drink and they’ll do our best to make it from our formidable back-bar. And remember – here it’s your drink served your way. We don’t judge, well not that much…

Enjoy your time in your local bar.
Rupert and Rhi, with a lot of help from Dylan and the OB Team.